Saturday, June 7, 2014

An adventurous day yesterday

My friend Mary came from Toronto and we met at St. Paul's rummage sale.  We had lunch at my club and then our adventures began.

We took the Hamilton No. 1 King bus to Queenston Road, then transferred to a No. 11 Parkdale bus which took us right into John Street bus terminal in Burlington.  The King bus is a very crowded bus but the Parkdale one was not too bad.  On both buses we managed to get a seat which is the most important.

We had checked with the Burlington Transit system but it would not take us to John Street.  It would take us to a Go Station in Burlington and then we would have to transfer onto a Burlington transit bus which I think would take us to John Street.

I still am not too clear exactly where it would go.  I will have to call again.  It would be the faster way.
Fortunately, I had some HSR tickets for Mary which were still good.  I must remember to get some more at the Go Station on Hunter.  We want to go again to Burlington and do a little exploring at some point in the summer.

The Go Bus is out of the question.  It would be fine from Hamilton, but then it would only take us to Aldershot Station, then we need to take a Go Train to Burlington, then a Burlington transit bus to John Street.

John Street is near the waterfront. We could see it from there plus it is very near Brant Street which is the main shopping area I think.

We had a wonderful visit together and enjoyed the whole day.  She took the 9 p.m. bus home to Toronto and emailed me when she got in her door.

All in all, a very nice day spent with a dear friend of 40 years.  We have so many common memories.

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