Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It took a while to get back my routine

After such a lovely time in the country with good folk and wonderful sights to see, it took all of Monday to get back into my regular routine.

It was a very lazy day for me on Monday.

Tuesday, of course, is my student.  We explored Westdale and the trail there off Marion Street.  It is used mostly for walking dogs, jogging and just being in nature.  Lots of people on the trail, most very friendly.  We were going to look at the shops as well as there are lots down that way, but ran out of time.  After our picnic (my student brought some yummy food) we went to the park nearby to see the Aviary but it was closed so we rested on a bench and just chatted.  She saw a snake and pointed it out to me.  It was a very unusual little fellow, brown and cream colour and quite small. Very agile though.  We were going to try and take a picture with her cell phone but he got away before we could.

He was really cute and quite a surprise for us to see.

A fun afternoon, as usual.

Thanks for dropping by.

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