Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Woke up to snow falling

Along the trail at Princess Point - soon it will be walking time again!

So much beauty, so calm and serene - Princess Point.
It is April 15th, and it is snowing outside. Where are the spring flowers, the birds twittering amongst the tree blossoms? I put some pictures of Princess Point on the blog just to remind me that the snow will pass and eventually nature will spring alive once again.

I feel sorry for the weatherman sometimes.  It cannot be pleasant bringing bad news to people who only want gentle breezes, the smell of fantastic flowers growing in the garden and to wear light clothing when outside!

Today will be a busy day, am expecting a fellow poet for a visit this morning.  This afternoon will be full to the brim, my student for four hours, meet a gentleman friend to help him pick out a suitable cane, then a "date" with a gentleman I have not seen for one year.

I think that is enough for one day!

Thanks for dropping by.

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