Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A grand time at the Irish Pub

Our gang (three gentlemen and four ladies) met at the Irish pub on Bowen Street here in Hamilton.

Choices for lunch were varied, the food was excellent and the wait staff were great.  I loved the ambience in the place and we had a ball.

Lots of laughter, some serious moments and much affection shown around the table as we enjoyed each other's thoughts and comments.  It was grand to get together again after a very long and cold winter!

We lingered over our meal for two hours and nobody tried to rush us.  That was very nice, in my opinion.  The prices were quite reasonable as well.

Jeff walked me home and we stopped to rest at McMaster's down town campus where there are nice benches to sit on.  The sun beat down gently on our faces, caressing our brows as we sat basking in the sun.  What a beautiful thing to do, sit on a park bench, cherish time together and just  sit comfortably in companionable silence.

Jeff took some pictures and then I took a couple of pictures of him.

In front of the School

Me and the lovely statue


Jeff, another view

All in all a lovely way to spend a warmish  spring day!

Thanks for dropping by.

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