Thursday, April 3, 2014

Canadian Authors Assocation

Last night, the Canadian Authors Association held a reading event at Artword/Artbar on Colbourne Street.

I was fortunate enough to be included in the invitees and naturally, I said yes to the invitation to share my work.

I chose to bring poetry as we had only a ten minute slot for each performer.  In my case, I find it easier to read a story in a book by myself rather than hear it read aloud. If I don't understand something,I can leaf back into the book and reread it again until I get the author's point.

I thought about a short story though and had quite a few I could have chosen from, but am glad that I went for narrative poetry instead.

It was a very pleasant evening  both inside Artword/Artbar with a very appreciative audience, and also outside where the weather cooperated beautifully.   We were most fortunate that Artword/Artbar had a spot open in their busy schedule, especially as we had to cancel the day of the big storm.

Winter performances are always "iffy" as one never knows what the weather will be like.

Inside the venue, it is quite dark although very cheery but pictures do not turn out as well as I would like them to.  I will post a few here.  My camera is a good one but very simple so perhaps a more powerful one could have taken better shots.

Me - reading one of my narrative poems

Chris - reading a short story

Ellen - reading some of her marvellous poetry

David Haskins - reading from his new book, "This House is Condemmed."

Mony reading from her book.  Did not catch the musicians name but he played beautifully.

It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

Thanks for dropping by.

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