Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday's poetry workshop at the Westdale Library

It was a lovely day and I had a poem ready to be critiqued so went to the workshop.  I had not been for most of the winter as I have to take the bus to get there and it is cold, waiting for buses.

It was wonderful to see everybody again and there was a special treat that day.  The Power of the Pen winners were there with their families.  For those who may not know what this is, it is a writing contest for children under 18 years of age which is under the auspices of the Library.  It just was such a treat to see such young and fresh talent emerging.  Some of them spoke so softly that I could not hear when they answered questions and read their winning work out loud, which was a real pity.  I did hear the boy though as his voice was more powerful.

After the young people left, we had our regular workshop.  I brought Pier 8 for critiquing, a poem I wrote last summer.  The group liked it very much and made a suggestion that I move one paragraph up  a couple of stanzas near the beginning of the poem. I could see the point and so I did.

It is always a good idea to get one's work critiqued by a group of seasoned writers. You may think that you have made it perfectly clear what you mean, but somebody else may not understand it at all.

I was fortunate that Judy sat next to me during my time for critiquing, as she was able to tell me what people said when I could not hear.  Another gentleman and I have problems with hearing as well and it really makes it tough to participate.

I hate the thought of having to stop going to groups because of my hearing problems as they are very much part of my social life as well.  My hearing aids no longer work.  I am thinking of going to a place close to home to see if I can get at least one ear fitted with a new one.  They are very expensive and don't really last that long.  Mine are only about 9 years old and considering the price of them, they should have lasted much longer!

I am writing this blog on Sunday morning and today I am expecting a dear friend from Toronto.  It will be wonderful to see her as we have not seen each other for quite some time.

Thanks for dropping by.

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