Monday, April 14, 2014

A good day in spite of a stressful beginning

I had a call from the States to help a friend and a neighbour who was just being released from the hospital and was on her way home. She had been in Emergency since 10:30 that night after a fall outside.  She hit her head as well as it was feared she may have damaged some operated areas as well.

I was asked to go downstairs to help her out of the taxi and up to her apartment.  It was very lucky that I was home and not already out.

She could hardly walk and needed care even in the home to get up out of a chair.  In my opinion, she should have been kept in the hospital as she lives alone.

I stayed as long as I could with her to assist her and then made sure she got into her bed to rest before I left.

I was expecting a guest from Toronto at 12:30.  My guest came and we had a wonderful visit, starting off with herbal tea at home, then we went for lunch at Toby's (I didn't have time to cook due to the little emergency above) and enjoyed that.  It was a great afternoon and both of us had a good time.

After she left, I checked in on "the patient" to make sure she was okay and then before bed, I called her again as well as this morning.  Things are looking brighter for her, thankfully, and I am relieved.

Thanks for dropping by.

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