Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things to do, places to go, people to see

I will be editing a lady's life who lives in Toronto.  Her first language is not English nor French and I would imagine that this job will be time consuming but interesting.

When I edited the African lady's book, I learned so much about the plight of African women and how they managed their lives.  What a blessing for me to have had this opportunity.  After the book was edited,  she died and her family could not find her manuscript.  I no longer had it on the computer.

The good thing is that it gave her so much joy and happiness that her book was ready for publication and if the cancer had not got her, she would have searched for an African publisher.  Who knows if any publisher there would have published it, but the main thing is that it gave her a purpose to her life. She left behind a small daughter, a dear teenage boy and her husband.

It is GRIT LIT starting tomorrow and running through Sunday evening.  I plan to attend several of the events.  I will be blogging about the ones that I attend.

Tonight should be a good night as well.  I have been invited to perform some of my work for the Canadian Authors Association and it starts at 7:30 at ArtWord/Artbar. There will be other people as well, of course, some I have met and others I don't know at all.  It will be interesting to hear their work. The weather seems to be co-operating today which is great!

Have a great day!

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princess-anna said...

That is nice thing for the lady that you are doing