Friday, April 11, 2014

Chris Pannell and Mohawk College performing

Central Library, down town Hamilton, Ontario hosted a lovely poetry reading and the  students in Mohawk College Music Department also performed.  Chris Pannell read from his newest book "A Nervous City" which can be bought at the Bryan Prince Bookshop in Westdale as well as other fine booksellers here.

I only wish that the microphone was a little stronger as I missed some of the words.  During the music part of the programme, I was fortunate to hear the instruments but had some difficulty in hearing the young woman speak and sing.

I arrived early and Chris came over and sat and chatted with me for a little while.We have known each other for many years now.  Two other friends arrived a little late - Mohammad and also Marisol.  We three went to Pam's coffee shop for refreshments after that and enjoyed our time together.

I had to be home to show Andrew's apartment to somebody at 3:30 and then, another lady buzzed me about 4:15 to see it.  I will show it tomorrow morning as well.

It is fortunate that I live here and that Andrew does not have to drive from Toronto each time somebody wants to see the apartment.

A good day indeed - lovely noon hour concert, time with good friends, what more can a person ask for?

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you have the time.

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princess-anna said...

Beaautiful mom it was so nice to hear the music. our library has this too. I may check it out