Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wes's visit July 4, 2012

I met him at the Go Station here in Hamilton and we went over to Jackson Square as he needed a backpack for his wheelchair and I knew just the shop who would have what he needed.

We found a huge one which just fit his wheelchair perfectly and purchased it and then went on our way to Whitehern. 

At Whitehern, only Jeff and Anita were there when we arrived but then Grace came and also Jenna.

 Jeff, hiding behind the umbrella pole, Wes in his wheelchair (visiting from Toronto), Anita, and Jenna.
Jeff, Wesley,Anita,Jenna
Anita had brought some home made cake which she shared with the group. 

The dancers of our group  Grace, Jeff

It was very warm in the garden but the umbrellas helped a lot and there was a breeze, although it was a warm breeze.

After Whitehern, Wes and I went up to Limeridge where the airconditioning was on full blast and stayed there till after 5 p.m.    On our way up there, our driver was an amazing young woman who was cheerful and kind and Wes got onto the ramp without any trouble.  She strapped him in.  I noticed that another lady came in on a scooter but she did not get strapped in. I noticed that both ways,  people in scooters don't seem to get strapped in. 

We had lunch/supper at the Food court.  There is a delicious Middle Eastern food stall up there.  I got their chicken sandwich and a drink but Wes  wanted more Canadian type of food so he got Kentucky Fried Chicken.  

The blast of furnace air (it felt that way) hit us as we exited Limeridge Square and went to get the return bus to downtown.  One bus driver refused to take two disabled people as he had two huge baby carriages on already.  He was a little grumpy for my taste, but we waited for the next one and it was that wonderful lady and she welcomed us back.

She checked with Wes where he wanted to get off and Wes said "Ask the boss" which caused both of us to laugh.  She had remembered us from her ride up the mountain.

As the heat was pretty bad, I suggested we go to my place and just rest for a little while.  We decided against going to the waterfront as both of us felt quite tired by that time.

I took Wes to get the 8 p.m. bus back to Toronto.  It was interesting to see how the Go Bus ramp worked. 

It was a very pleasant day in spite of the heat.  Wes will try again to come another Wednesday in August. 

What a wonderful change in him, he is more cheerful, more optomistic and his health has improved since moving into the new building.  Even Joy his cat is in "heaven" with all the space. 

What a blessing it was for Wesley to have gotten into a decent building with some accessible apartments which are one bedrooms.

Life is betting better for Wes.

Thanks for dropping by.

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