Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday's celebration

My friend Rosel picked me up and we went down to Bayfront Park to enjoy a time by the waterfront.

She wanted to eat at her regular time of 1 p.m. so that was fine by me.  She brought a lovely book of her trip and the sights she saw when in Utah.

It was an enjoyable time by the water.  She had invited me to the Black Forest Inn near Ferguson which I always enjoy.  The food is reasonably priced and they give very large portions.

We had a lovely waitress and as it was my birthday celebration, my cake was free of charge as well they put a lit candle on it.  I think Rosie was not comfortable with them singing Happy Birthday, or at least that is how I interpreted her remarks, so I went along with no singing. I try to accommodate other people and their feelings as much as I can. 

We went home after our lovely dinner and then I brought Miss Allie Cat down to her owner.  She had lived with me for 3 months.  I wrapped her in a pillowcase and snuggled her up against my chest so that she would not be too afraid in the elevator. 

She is adapting again to her own apartment and my two cats seem quite happy as well.  No more fighting!

Tonight is the final celebration for my birthday and it is a BBQ with my son.  I am looking forward to that as I love BBQ's and, of course, I love to visit with my son. 

Thanks for dropping by.

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