Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July First Weekend 2012

me in the little train

On the Monday, I felt quite "blue" for some unknown reason.  Mohammad called fortunately and we decided to go down on the shuttle bus to Pier 8.

Williams Coffee Pub was full and so we sat in the shade and just talked.  Fortunately, I always bring my water with me but he had to go in the line up and get something to drink.

Being with a friend improved my mood and to top it all off, Mohammad treated us to the little train ride which takes about 45 minutes and goes all the way out to Princess Point and back.

This is my first time for this year.  Another project I want to do is to take the little boat.  It has gone up to $13 now plus tax but you stay out in the water for more than an hour.

As you get off the complimentary bus, this bush greets you

The Complimentary bus from downtown
Sea gulls aplenty
A Toronto ship in for repairs
A wild path near parking lot

There are many pine cones which have fallen. Look at its beauty....

Sea gulls - so many of them.

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