Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday celebrations

I feel so spoiled and I love it!  Today my son and I went out for lunch at Toby's as he loves their beef burger smothered in sauce and had a lovely visit.  I then went over to the club to read the paper as I do several times a week and the dear staff sang happy birthday to me and with my coffee, they cut some carrot cake and put a birthday candle and a sparkler on it.  I was really touched by this gesture.

For the next three days, I have dinner invitations which will continue my celebration of living to age 70 and loving life! I thank God for giving me this time and thank Him for all my dear friends and family. I am so greatful for every blessing I have and also for having gone through very hard times, so that I will appreciate the good times.  I can say that even in the toughest time, I felt the presence of God.

What more could anybody wish for?

Thanks for dropping by and come again some time when you are able.

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