Sunday, July 22, 2012

Creativity any one?

I had a beautiful little hand embroidered bag which I purchased from the ladies in the Gaza Strip about 20 years ago.

I have cherished this bag all these years and was so sad to see the frayed cord.

As a very creative person, I decided to make a new strap for it.  I used matching waxed cord and tourquoise and crystal beads to make the strap. It should last another twenty years.

The churches have a shop for them to sell their work. I bought some lovely hand done work. This wonderful little bag has a zipper and a pouch in it.  It will be perfect as an evening bag once again. 

When I was there, the Gaza strip was off limits to visitors.  I met many Palestinians and some wonderful Jewish school children who greeted me while I was walking in a park.

Also, over looking the city, I met this lovely young lady with a cute little dog who became an instant friend.  It is always the people that interest me the most, historical sites are very interesting as well, but it is people who are the most important to me.

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