Friday, July 13, 2012

Exciting trip to the supermarket

You may ask, what is so exciting about going to the supermarket?  It is when you have a gift card for $25 from a survey which you filled out.

It is a chance to buy something you would not normally buy and to have the anticipation of checking out what is new in the grocery store.  I haven't been to Fortinos on Dundurn for many years.  It was like letting a child loose in a candy store!  Oh what fun I had driving the buggy up and down the isles and checking out to see all the new things which were on offer.  It was so tempting to buy more than the card was worth and I did, I must confess.  I spent $6.00 over the card but don't mind, as I had fun just looking around.

The hard part was the intense heat after leaving the store and taking the Main Street bus.  It was crowded with students.  One dear girl got up and let me sit down.  It is good to see that manners are not altogether dead in Canada!

I had my little buggy with me which helped as well so I did not have to carry anything.  I am glad, though, that I do not go grocery shopping in stores very often.

I mostly shop at Denningers and at the Farmer's Market so it was a real treat to be in another grocery store.

Thanks for dropping by.  Big thunder storm coming so had better got off the computer.

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