Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday's BBQ

My son invited me to his place for a backyard BBQ which I throughly enjoyed.  Since the bus only runs every half hour up until 6 p.m. I took the 5:01 bus and arrived there twenty minutes later.  I really enjoy going through the back streets on Aberdeen and think it would be a pleasant place to live as it is much quieter than downtown!  I love Westdale myself or Dundas but for me, perhaps downtown is still best as I can get around much easier that way.

The Chef (no white hat nor jacket, joke, joke)  made steak and hamburgers.  He had even purchased a lovely fruit and cream torte for the birthday celebration of both of us.

For years I didn't have a birthday celebration when he was young, but now we both can celebrate together which is wonderful.  I always used to have birthday parties for the children and invite their friends.  It was part of the rite of childhood.

A wonderful, peaceful  late afternoon and evening.  We had a very stimulating and interesting conversation which I throughly enjoyed.

Thanks for dropping by.  One more celebration to go with Mohammad but I think I would prefer to wait for that dinner out as I am partied out by now!

Ken, the chef for this night

Steak anybody?

This shot reminds me of my home town - clothing drying on the lines

Westdale is so quiet and peaceful when the students are out of town!

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