Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a reminder

I am still collecting money either in cash form, cheque, money order or Paypal to help a disabled man move.

I am very touched by the goodness shown by Hamiltonians and one friend from Toronto. Woodstock, and Ottawa.  Mostly the money has been raised here in Hamilton.

We are nearing our target of $800 to move him.  Isn't it odd, that it is Hamiltonians who have helped the most as this gentleman lives in Toronto and the move will be in Toronto.  Even the people will will help him move are friends of mine here in Hamilton.

Check out for the appeal.  I have been raising it in small increments among many people who are compassionate and want to do something to help another  human being.  None of them know him, but they know me.

I have an order for a pair of earrings which I hope to get done this week.  I will add the amount of money that I make from that onto the fund for Wes as well.

If each person reading this, gives a few dollars, they will not miss it and it will help another human being.

The best way is to go through if you are reading this blog from outside of Canada. They are set up with Paypal.

Please consider doing this.  I have learned that one can never out give God and many blessings will come to a generous soul, whether it is in material things or in the spiritual.

For those of you who have sent donations, thank you.  We are getting there and now are waiting for Housing to find him an accessible one bedroom apartment.  The movers are all set and I have arranged a ride in with the movers on moving day.

My next plan, once the apartment is found, is to go into Toronto and pack his place.  I need one helper for this, preferably a woman.  With two people working, it will take less time.  Once we get him into the new apartment, I will need help with unpacking as well.

It is a tall order but a noble cause.  This man needs a hand up.  Are you willing?

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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