Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tower Poetry Society's 60th Anniversary

On October 23, 2011, the 60th Anniversary celebration of Tower Poetry Society was held at the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton which is on Dundurn Street South here in Hamilton, Ontario..

The Organizing Committee is to be commended for their hard work and the excellent job they did!  Tables were decked out with cloths and each table had vases filled with delicate red and white roses.

I liked the room they held it in - it was a very good size with a lovely kitchen attached to it.

60th Anniversary cake
The groaning board - a great variety of food
It was very well attended.  The room was full of appreciative guests and poets..  The President of Tower, Valerie Nielsen gave a welcoming speech and George Down introduced the guest speaker, Dr. John Ferns..

Brett Nielsen and his daughter Jessica Nielsen

Valarie Nielsen - Tower's President.

This afternoon went by very fast with a twenty minute break between the first set of poets and the second set.  One poet, Mr. Dinh Le Doan,  had even driven here from Beaconsfield, Quebec and I was fortunate enough to catch him before he and his wife left to drive back.  We had a nice little chat about familiar spots to all of us. .

Jeff Seffinga - Editor-in-Chief
Mr. Dinh Le Doan 

This was his first time reading before an audience from what I understood and he did very well.

Another poet from Sri Lanka who also was in the book was unable to come due to the distance.

I mention this so that my readers understand that poets from all over the world are able to join Tower Poetry.

My pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped, as the light from the window was at the wrong angle and thus my shots were not as good as I wanted.  My camera is a great little camera, but it is not a miracle worker!  I was a little disappointed.

However, it was a splendid time and several of my friends whom I had specifically invited came out which pleased me.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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