Saturday, October 22, 2011


I had a touch of flu on Thursday night and did not sleep until 5 a.m.   Needless to say, I slept until 11:30 that morning.  I still did not feel overly peppy but managed to get a bit of housework done.

Friday I stayed in the whole day just to get rid of whatever the problem was and it was very pleasant to be home.

I had borrowed lots of books from the library and once I get my nose in a good book, it is hard to drag me away from reading!   The really good thing about the library is that you can keep them for three weeks and can renew them for another three if you need to.  I think you may even be able to renew them twice.

Today Carmen and I are getting together and will go to a restaurant to enjoy a nice liesurely lunch.  we haven't had quality time together for a few years now.  Both of us have been so busy, rushing here and there and this will be wonderful to catch up on all her news.

She is a dear young lady.  Tomorrow, of course, is the Gala Event for the 60th Anniversary of Tower Poetry Society with music, poetry and refreshments.  Could that be any nicer?

I am so glad that that little bug or whatever it was, is now gone and I am feeling fine.  I hate to miss nice things.

Thanks for dropping in and please come again if you have the time.

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