Friday, October 7, 2011

John Terpstra's poem immortalized at Sam Lawrence Park

Mayor Bob Bratina (left) and Poet John Terpstra

What an amazing event that was.  I was thrilled to see so many from the Poetry Center there supporting John.

Unfortunately where I was standing was in the full sun and my shots did not turn out as well as I would have liked them to.

Mayor Bob Bratina was there as well as other dignitaries.  It is a great honour to have one's poem on public display like that. Congratulations to John!

It was a pleasure to see so many poets and writers of other types of work, turn up to support John.

I was lucky that I could change my appointment with my podiatrist, as I was up close to his office, and he fit me in rather than have to come back later on in the day.

It was Ontario elections today as well, so Andrew, Rahel and I went together.  It was a very difficult location to get to, almost at the waterfront.  There was hardly anybody there except for the workers.

Since we were so close to the waterfront, Andrew dropped Rahel and I off to do a little walking at Bayfront Park and came back for us later on.

They were kind enough to invite me to stay for supper at their place and we had an enjoyable meal together and evening.

All in all, a busy but productive day.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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