Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some wonderful news

Actually, several wonderful things have happened today.  I was amazed to hear that my poem "Floating" will be included in the 60th Anniversary book for Tower Poetry.  I shall be one of the one's reading next Sunday at the Gala event.

Another great thing that happened today was that I have received a ticket for the beef rolladen dinner as the ladies voted that I get it.  How very wonderful!

The third fantastic thing that happened today was that the Vice-President of our ladies group will allow me to make an appeal to help Wes at the group in the next meeting.

Not to be outdone by any of this good news, is that engiver.com has had three donations for Wes as of the time I left to go to the meeting this afternoon. I have not checked since my return.

I am so touched by all this goodness.

I see the hand of God in all this, blessing Wesley, touching the hearts of others so that they in turn can be blessed by God.  Over my long life, I have noticed that one can never out give God.  The gift you give to others whether in time, talent or money will be multiplied ten fold.  Somehow it just works that way.

I am so touched by all the loving kindness shown to my friend Wes.

Thank you, all of you who have given to help him   Thank you also to engiver.com for accepting my appeal on his behalf.  Working together we humans can achieve a great deal.  Please check out engiver.com   It is not too late to contribute a small amount to this worthy cause, either by cash to me, by cheque or money order, or through paypal or your bank account.

These wonderful young men are trying to make a difference. A small amount of donation will make a world of difference to somebody and give them hope to carry on.

Thanks for reading my blog and come back another time if you wish.

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