Monday, October 3, 2011

Mexican Night at St. Paul's

Our hostess - Carmen
Colour was every where.  Red, white, and green.  The colours of Mexico proudly displayed.

Carmen and Wally had organized this special event to show the guests a little of Mexican culture and traditions.  Tickets were very reasonably priced at $15.00 each.  This included an entre, black bean soup, chicken and rice with plantain and potatoes  there were also nibbles on the table with home made salsa.
At the center of each table, there was a basket tied with ribbons of the national colours filled with  candies, nuts, chocolate and caramels.

Mexican dress on display

Two of my friends at the table
We had six people at our tables, all friends of mine from outside the congregation.  They all enjoyed themselves very much.  We were a mixture of nationalities, Colombian, French Canadian, Ethiopian and English back ground people.

Some of the very colourful displays done by Carmen and Wally
We had some interesting discussions at our table and people got along very well even though some of them had never met.

Carmen and Wally showed a Powerpoint presentation of the  history of Mexico. It was interesting to hear of the Aztec civilization.  They were a very advanced society even before the Spanish arrived.

Mexican music was played so that Carmen could give a demonstration of one dance.  She then called for three volunteers to come up to learn the dance.  They were really good sports to do that.

Breaking the Pinata

For desert, there was a delicious orange cake with coffee and tea.  This colourful event ended about 9 p.m. with everybody pitching in to help to put the tables and chairs away and pile the dishes for the dishwasher.

A very successful evening.  Kudos to Carmen and Wally and all those who lent a hand.

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