Friday, November 4, 2011

Poetry and Art together in Dundas, Ontario

I thought she was cute

Jeff in front of an interesting door.

Jeff's poem
My friend Jeff picked me up and we went over to Dundas.  The bus runs only every hour to Dundas so I was very glad to have a ride. It is more fun to go with a friend than by yourself.

It is such a lovely small town atmosphere.  There were some splendid trees still with leaves on them and there are many stately homes in Dundas.  It is older than Hamilton.  I love going there as the shops are quaint and the people are very friendly.

Our purpose for going was to see our poems in the storefront windows.  Once a year, Tower Poets and Carnagie Gallery team together to match art work with poems.  This year, I picked a willow tree and wrote a poem about it.  Thanks to my pal Jeff, who took me to Coutes Drive Trail when it was a little warmer.  It was a very enjoyable time walking that trail..

The willow tree and my poem to the side of it.

That is the picture of the willow tree, and the store owner had put my poem beside it.  It might have been better to have the picture on top with the poem underneath it.  However, that is how the shop owner put it.

We bumped into a fellow poet Marianne and she was doing to art walk as well which was very pleasant.

We were fortunate in the weather as the sun was shining and it was not overly cold.

Here are some cute shops of some displays in Dundas which I liked.

Jeff, at an interesting gate

My buddy and I - he's a bear and we were nose to nose

We sat in the wonderful sun for awhile and enjoyed the ambiance of Dundas.  He dropped me off on James Street where it was safe to let me out rather than on Main Street, which is like a racetrack!

All in all, a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

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