Saturday, November 19, 2011

St. John's Lutheran Church Bazaar

The weather could not have been nicer.  Sunshine, not very cold and a good crowd.  As I walked from the bus past the church, there already was a good crowd waiting to get in.  Four of my friends were in line there and another friend came later on.

Unfortunately, they missed each other.

I found that this year, people headed to the jewellery table first.  The women were like delicate bees buzzing around the lovely costume jewellery just hoping to find what they were searching for.  The other very popular table was filled with delicious German baking.

There were almond tarts, tortes of various kinds, cheesecake, homemade bread, various kinds of German pastries, as well as pound cake to mention only a few of the delectable offerings on sale for willing buyers.  If shoppers don't get there early enough, things just disappear like magic and there may have been some disappointed folk on that account.

However, the bottomless cup of coffee, tea, or herbal tea would be a consolation, or the Sauer Kraut and German sausage on a large bun would certainly help cheer them up. Coffee is $1.00 and many people came up for refills time and again.  If one wanted to have the meal, it was $5.50 and included the coffee.

However, in the beginning of the event, many people bought slices of the scrumptious tortes and had coffee or tea with it.  Each slice was individually priced, far below the cost of any restaurant. They then had to pay for the coffee, which was still reasonable, at $1.00 which included many refills.

 By the time I got a break from pouring coffee and to have my lunch, there was hardly anything left to buy from the sweet table.

On the handcrafted table, there were so many finely made articles such as slippers, doilies,  scarves, shawls, baby outfits to chose from.  The ladies of this church are extremely gifted in baking and knitting and crocheting.  They are extremely generous with their time and effort.

Need the I mention that there was a white elephant table as well?  They had some fantastic bargains there.

A friend from my building, who moved many years ago, came up to me when I was pouring coffee.  I hadn't seen her for such a long time. It was so wonderful to see her again. I had met her husband in the mall once though. It was at least six years ago when they moved..

What a lovely surprise that was for me.  I used to babysit "Buddy" when they went to the States.  "Buddy" is their cat, just in case you are wondering.

My friend Jennifer brought me home in the car which I was glad for as I felt really tired.

Have a great day and please come again if you have the time.

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