Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6, 2011 - Carneeeie Gallery and Tower Poetry Society together

Valerie Nielsen's poem

The picture which the poem was written for
What a grand event this turned out to be.  Although the numbers were small, it was an intimate gathering of like minded people.  I didn't take any pictures of the gathering this time.  It was held downstairs at the Gallery, a place many of the people remembered when they used to go to workshops there for Tower.

The walls were a pale green, with wooden paneling.  They had set up chairs for a large group.

Instead of sitting in the more formal setting, we all sat in a circle and this was fabulous as I could hear most of what was said.  Trevor also was glad for that.

We did about an hour of poetry.  I read two of my cat poems plus two of the Art Walk poems that I have had with Carnegie Gallery. My cat poems got a chuckle which pleased me as they were written tongue in cheek.  Jeff also read some of his cat poems as well.

I was most fortunate to get a ride with Bob and Valerie who picked me up.  Jennifer came in about half way through the event as she had to wait so long for the Dundas bus.  I arranged that she would come back with us in the car.  Bob and Valerie are so gracious, immediately they said yes when I asked.

The funny thing is that on our way we passed Jeff on his bike on the way to Dundas!  Being quite mischievous, I felt like asking Bob to blow the horn, but then thought better of it, as it may have rattled him and he could have had an accident. Iit sure was a long ride for him.

After the event, we walked along King Street in Dundas and took some pictures of the art work and the poetry plus some new things in the lovely Christmas decorations done by the merchants.

The advertisement done by the Carnegie Gallery for the event

Here are some shots of the displays in the windows along King Street.  Very wonderful and upscale area.


Here is a shot of the three of them together before we went to their car.  Jeff was with us for a while but not by this time.

Bob suggested this picture for the red leaves and I asked all of them to get into it.

All in all, a delightful afternoon.  Now I have to get ready to introduce the guest speaker at the Book Club, my friend Mary and her wonderful book on the McQuesten Family. Fortunately it is a very short walk for me.

Busy day today and the whole week will be busy.

Thanks for dropping by.

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