Monday, November 8, 2010

This and that

As usual, ArtWord/Artbar hosts, Judith and Ron were their usual nice selves and made everybody welcome.
James Dheal was the M.C. for this event.  Most of the readers were from Toronto this time with the exception of Andreas, (London), Ellen (Hamilton).  I only knew Andreas and Ellen so did not feel comfortable taking pictures without permission.

Andreas Gripp from London, Ontario

Andeas Gripp

Ellen Jaffe
Yesterday I went to ArtWord/Artbar for James' last  afternoon programme until April.  Unhappily I missed a chance to read some of my poetry at the Carnagie Gallery in Dundas but I had already committed to going to James' invitation.

Sometimes there is nothing going on and then days like yesterday, there were three things that I could have gone to and enjoyed all of them.

I certainly was sorry to miss the other two events but glad that I went to the afternoon session. 

I took only a few shots of the readers that I know and have their e-mails.  When I got home, I sent the pictures to them and received a reply back.

There were six excellent readers there yesterday afternoon.  I really love having things in the afternoon as I am more alert!
Jennifer picked me up which was so kind of her.  The No. 4 bus only runs every half hour so now that the weather is getting colder, I am pleased to have an invitation for a ride!

All in all, a lovely afternoon.  I did not go out to the other event (Lit Live) although I know there were many excellent readers (another six scheduled).

It really is too bad that so many things are on the same day!

Now onto other matters.

I haven't written on my blog for a few days as there was nothing really exciting going on. I do enjoy those days when I can just relax and do "my own thing", don't you?

My friend Carmen lent me quite a few Hercule Pierrot DVD's and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Only two more to go and then I shall return them

On another point, I took some shots from my window and will post them as well.

Retirement is the best time in life, at least to me, as I can write, read, listen to music, go out or not, take my time in doing things and the list could go on and on.  When one is a child, one has to please parents and teachers, when one marries, one has to try and please one's spouse, when one works, pleasing the "boss" is of the utmost importance if you want to keep your job, but retirement is finally time to just please yourself!

I have never quite understood how people can be bored in retirement.  I just love it!

On that note, shall close and post the pictures of the view from my window.

I find it fascinating to see the reflections on the glass building across from me.  Such beauty, and at the click of my camera, I can capture it to share with the world.

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princess-anna said...

Hi mom that is so nice to hear about the readers and the artword artbar. I like your stories. Please send some to me on email if you like