Sunday, November 28, 2010

First of Advent Service - 3 p.m.

Such a beautiful service!  It is my favourite service of the whole year at St. John's Lutheran. 

I brought a male friend of mine with me and he also seemed to enjoy it.  He sometimes comes with me to St. Paul's and St. John's and he has invited me to go to the Catholic church with him one time when we were at a street festival. That was a nice occasion as he also took me out for lunch at a tea room on Locke Street.    .

This service is in the two languages, German and English.  I can remember my church in Montreal, we tried to do the service  in German, English and French and that was so difficult.  I can sing in the three languages but it was hard for my mind to switch easily from one to the other.

With just the two languages, it is easy.  I so enjoyed singing the old German carols.There was a recorder group, a guitar player, the beautiful choir, English carols, a poem by our resident poet read in German by his granddaughter (poet - Herbert Fischer). 

I was especially touched by the poems, some in German, some in English and the duet by Barbara and Jayne. Needless to say, we sang Stille Nacht (Silent Night) with the lights off and just the candles glowing.

The last thing at the service was a solo by Christine,  "Die Glocken von Santa Maria". Tears of joy streamed down my face as it touched my inner self and brought back so many wonderful memories of lighting the advent candles, singing German carols, being with friends who are family and reflecting on God's love for human kind.  I still keep many of the traditions of my youth. I have the advent candles at home, the tree candles (which I do not light) and even though I am alone, it still is my very favourite time of year.  It is similar to the feeling of Eid, which also is a wonderful time of family gatherings, greeting friends, going to the Masjidt (Mosque) for prayers and a general good feeling.

Now back to the Service.

When Christine sang, I felt so "at peace". Her voice just was so wonderful.  A gift from God.

Many of the singers at the church  also sing in  the Germania Club choir and they tour around Canada from time to time.

The whole service was peaceful and I was so happy to be there.  I love singing especially when it is about God and His love.  My friend is from another religion so he was not used to these carols so was unable to join in that part of the service. 

Afterwards, everybody was invited to come downstairs for sandwiches, cake and coffee etc and I was able to introduce my friend to many of my friends there.  He is a "people person" and thoroughly enjoyed meeting others.

What a beautiful and peaceful way to start the Advent Season.

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