Sunday, November 21, 2010

The MacVitie's strike again at St. Paul's.

This time the title of the skit was The WEDDING ATTIRE, adapted and Directed by Gudrun Boehm-Johnson, loosely based on a short story by Peter Rossegget.

For a number of years now, the congregation has been following the story of the MacVittie family with bated breath. 

It was the 177th Anniversary of St. Paul's and the congregation celebrated with a lovely lasagna dinner and the short play, plus a sing along of Scottish tunes.

The Guest Speaker was Rev. Will Ingram who is minister of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in downtown Toronto.  His wife Karen grew up in York Memorial Presbyterian church and it was a pleasure to see her again.  I asked after her parents and thankfully they are both heavily involved at York and are well.

After the marvelous lunch, the St. Paul's Theatre Group performed the skit.  The basis plot of the skid was that the bridegroom didn't want to wear a Scottish kilt to his wedding and he procrasnated about getting his too long trousers hemmed until the day before the wedding.

He asked three of the women in the family to shorten the pants three inches.  All said, no they were too busy to do it, but unbeknownst to any of them, each one found the time to shorten the trousers.  Thus, instead of 3" off, it was now 9" off the length of the garment.

Granfather MacVittie and young Mr. MacVittie - the bridegroom
As you can imagine, there was quite abit of laughter as all this enfolded before our eyes.  The biggest laugh was when the bridegroom came out in his really short pants.

The problem was solved eventually as the groom had no choice but to wear the kilt and the family were happy as was the bride.

Quite a good laugh.

The groom with his drastically shorted wedding trousers

Lest you think that this little problem will spoil the wedding, I shall show you a picture of the groom in his kilt.

The  groom in his kilt ready to get married

Signor Rossini - the tailor

Two of the serving girls who fixed the trousers

Duncan the bartender and Maria the maid
The cast, taking a bow

It was a lovely event and everybody had a good time.  We shall look forward to another adventure from the MacVittie family.


WEF said...

Ah, we're a good-looking bunch, aren't we?

annaken said...

Hellow WEF,

Nice of you to drop in. Indeed, the whole troope are gorgeous and such good actors. We will have to start paying them soon.......

Wouldn't that be a great idea????