Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remembrance Sunday 2010

On Nov. 11th I attended the brief ceremony at the Cenotaph at Gore Park.  Today I went  for the longer ceremony.

It was most impressive. This was the ninety second annual Remembrance Day parade and Memorial service held in Hamilton, Ontario.

ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (in red) City Police carrying wreath

A band of warriors wearing Scottish attire

Among the dignitaries who were there were  Mayor Fred Eisenberger, Councillor Bernie Morelli, Councillor Sam Merulla and Mayor Elect Bob Bratina.  David Christopherson, N.D.P. member of the Provincial Parliament, carried a wreath to place at the Cenopath.

There was a very good turnout both for Nov. 11th and for today, November 14th.  In spite of the damp and cold weather and a brief drizzle of rain, it was a successful event.

Please note the American Flag and the Six Nations flag.  A Korean lady was carrying one of them.
I was able to get a shot of the Korean lady in her national dress who participated in the parade.  I remember my boss Wally talking about his time in Korea during the Korean war.  One incident sticks out in my mind from what he said those many years ago.  He talked about how cold their hands were and that the Red Cross and the Salvation Army handed out mittens.  The Salvation Army gave them for free but the Red Cross sold them to the soldiers.  Wally didn't talk very much about that time in Korea, I think he preferred to block it from his mind.

Korean lady who participated in the parade

As is usual, the programme started with O Canada, with a Call to Worship, then a hymn, which was O God Our Help in Ages Past.  The wreath laying ceremony took place. Another Hymn - "Abide With me"  was sung.  .  All the music was performed by the HMCS Star Band, in their naval uniforms.

The poem "In Flanders Fields", the Last Post, two minutes of silence and a lament were next, along with a veterans' prayer and the Reveille.

The last hymn was "Eternal Father", along with a scripture lesson.  The Hamilton Children's Choir participated very ably and were much appreciated.  Scouts Canada also gave out printed copies of the day's programme.

All in all, a very worthwhile time of remembering those who have fallen in battle, those who have been wounded both in body, soul and mind and those who were left unable to function properly due to the horrors they endured.

Hamilton new police horses and their riders

I see these horses quite often downtown now, patrolling Gore Park, walking in the traffic and being a visible presence of the police.  They are very beautiful animals and both riders and animals seem in harmony.

This weekend in Hamilton has been busy, with the Santa Claus parade yesterday, and the Remembrance Day parade today.

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