Monday, November 22, 2010

Arts Hamilton Gala Event

On November 15th, the Literary Committee of Arts Hamilton, and the Staff and Board of Directors held a Gala evening at Theatre Acquarius.  It was for the 17th Annual Literary Awards.

People on the short list were invited to attend the event but only found out if they had won during the ceremony.
Susan Evans Shaw - Co-Chair
Literary Committee

David Cohen, Dr. Ross Penny, Chris Pannell,James E. Elliott
Missing:  Marilyn Gear Pilling

Tea lights graced small tables and chairs for the assembled guests. The programme started at 6:30 with music by Jonny Kerr and Shari Dunn.  A buffet table was set with delicious snacks for those present to enjoy.

Pat Mackesy (Arts Hamilton Board of Directors) was the Master of Ceremonies. Guest presenters were Bob Farrow, Donna Skelly, Robert Howard, Luke Brown, Annette Paiement and Mayor-elect Bob Bratina.

The Musicians - Jonny Kerr and Shari Dunn

At  7:30 the awards ceremony took place.  Here are some pictures from it.  Unfortunately they are a little dark.

Donna Skelly

Mr. Cohen

Chris Pannell
It was a very good evening and it appeared that everybody enjoyed themselves.  There were over 100 people in attendance.

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