Saturday, November 21, 2009

St. John's Bazaar

It was really well attended and new people were coming in after 1 p.m. We needed to make fresh coffee even. The cabbage rolls were a big hit. People even bought some to take home.

By 2 p.m. most of the crowd had gone and the worker bees cleaned up. It was a smashing success due to all the hard work of everybody involved.

Congratulations to Kathe, who spearheaded the whole event.

Several of my friends came as well, Anita and Jennifer and her friend Bonnie. I took my lunch break with Jennifer and Bonnie and enjoyed our time together. Anita was going on to another bazaar in another area of the city. She did enjoy herself very much and was very impressed with the friendliness of the congregation and the wonderful things to sell.

The hugh variety on the sweet table was incredible, all looking so delicious that it was almost impossible to choose.

I bought some to take home and enjoy for the next few days!

The jewellery table was a good success, two people wanted to buy my designed jewellry and one lady came up to me later and said she wanted it for the correct price of $60.00. She had been too busy at the cake table and she could not come over. She knew the value of it. It worked out all right though, as this same lady ordered one from me to be delivered later on. She specified what colours she is looking for to suit her clothing. I shall place an order with my supplier in Toronto very shortly. I love to design for specific people and to see their pleasure when they receive it.

However, it was a good lesson for me never to donate good jewellry at a church bazaar again. They charged so little (even though the price was on it) that it only covered the cost of the good chain! Such a shame, as it could have brought $60 more into the bazaar which helps people.

I had originally suggested months ago that they hold a raffle for it at $1 or $2 a raffle ticket and they would have raised better money for it.

I think they forgot.

Ah well, I am pleased that three ladies liked the design and after all, it was a donation by me for this event. It really should have fetched more money than it did. Didn't even cover the cost of the actual design and Swarkovski crystals! It is expensive to make and expensive to buy.

Another good thing came out of it as well, another lady wants to come and see my designs so she will come one day. She had not known about the business I was in. She was absolutely delighted. I had other ladies remark on my earings and my pendant that I was wearing, which, of course, was my own design.

I hope word of mouth will help my business grow. It is hard times now in Canada but people still need to buy gifts for special occasions.

My party was a big encouragement for me to continue with my designing as well as the three ladies at the bazaar who liked my donation is very encouraging. It went within ten minutes of being placed there! Whoever got it was one lucky person. In a regular jewellry store it would have cost about $125 plus tax.

Lesson learned for next year!

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