Friday, November 6, 2009

Seeing oneself on a DVD

I found it quite interesting to see myself on the T.V. via a DVD.

This was the official launch of the Photoshoot at the Freeway Cafe in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.

The people who run "Monkeybiz" got a grant and several community groups were given a disposable camera to take pictures of what interested them and what they wanted to share with the rest of Hamilton.

I chose to go to Pier 8 as I spend a lot of my summer time down there. Some of the group chose other places, such as stone building landmarks, pictures of flowers etc. etc.

The Flamborough seniors group took pictures of themselves and some of their rural beauty. Their group is run out of a local church and there are six of them.

Younger people were also involved and they did some fabulous work as well. I was glad to see the work of the Women's group. This work was done by women who have been through extremely hard times, particularly with regards to their spouses. I believe it is run out of the Good Sheppard Center but am not sure about that.

I was extremely impressed by the excellent qualify and editing job done by the young man who took the video. It was all done very professionally.

It was a potluck for our little seniors group so I brought some of my surprise rolls and they seemed to go quite fast so I assume that people liked them.

For the main event, people came from all over to view the photos.

It was a great deal of work for the organizers but, in my view, it was great as it brought people together! They also had a lovely assortment of food to nibble on for the guests who came to see the photos.

Well done, photographers, organizers and participants!

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