Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preparations are underway

Time is running out and I am getting quite anxious about the food preparation for the party. Certain things I can only do on the same day as I don't have space to keep them, other things such as cakes, I can make ahead.

I have prepared tickets for the door prize last night. It is a donation from Carmen and I think that people will love it! She has wrapped it up so attractively!

I have decided to make open faced sandwiches, fruit trays, vegetable trays , cheese and crackers trays, homemade scones, preserves, cakes and sweet loaves. If I have time, I also will make cucumber sandwiches.

Mohammad will bring falafel, dip, and pida bread and a Middle Eastern salad.

I also plan to make a lovely non-alcoholic punch. Unfortunately, I no longer have a punch bowl but have two pitchers I can use instead. I can always use my large pot to make it in and keep that in the frig in the party room so the pitchers can be refilled.

I will go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and get the fruit, cold cuts and also cucumbers, the rest my shopper will be getting for me tomorrow.

Once that is all done, then I can concentrate on getting it done. I am expecting at least 50 people but the room has a capacity to hold 100 so it should be fine. Hosea will borrow some chairs from St. John's for me and be in charge of that.

I had to make up a little introduction for myself as well of my writing experiences. It was an interesting thing for me to do. I generally don't like to "blow my own horn", but I have done more than I realized. Once I saw it in black and white, I kept remembering more and putting it down on the introduction sheet.

I have to learn to be more assertive and put myself forward more. Mohammad said that to me, after my reading at Philpott!

It is hard for me to do though as I was not brought up that way.

If the party is not a success, it will not be for lack of effort but I am sure that it will go very well as I have invited some very nice people!

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