Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday - Santa Claus Parade and a bake-a-thone

It may be that this year I cannot attend the Santa Claus Parade as I still have plenty to do in the baking department for tomorrow.

However, I can see it from my window which will be almost as good!

I had to cancel two events, no actually three events today, to carry on with my preparations for tomorrow.

Andrew, my neighbour, took more baked goods downstairs to his apartment and will put them in the party room frig before he goes to church tomorrow.

Mohammad will come at 11 a.m. tomorrow and help me carry things downstairs and also help me set up.

Hosea will bring the extra chairs after 4 p.m. today and we will stack them in the party room until tomorrow. I have permission to do that.

I have had a few cancellations due to the Tiger Cat game tomorrow plus sickness and other things. So far, only one friend will be coming from Toronto after all and she will need to come a little earlier so I can take her up to the roof to park her car. I will only know today if Sonia and Rene are coming as Rene may have to work. In total, so far it is 15 cancellations.

Everything is going smoothly though and it should be great fun. Kevin will videotape the talent show which will be great!

So many details but attention to detail if essential to make things run smoothly!

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