Friday, November 13, 2009

Just catching up with the blog

I haven't written anything for a while so thought I would catch up now.

My preparations are going very well for the party. Just have to pop over to the mall to get some divided trays again. I have found a marvelous use for those trays for not only the party, but for after the party in my daily life.

I shall use one of them to hold the float money. Prepared it all yesterday and all sorted out into plastic bags. I had saved a lot of money just by putting my spare change in bottles over the year and yesterday went to the bank near me to get some rolls of money to have on hand in case the small change is not enough. I think most people will give a cheque which is fine by me. They are all friends who are coming.

Alas, Mary and Joe are sick and cannot come from Toronto. She called yesterday and she sounded terrible. We hope to get together once they are well again.

Now back to the subject of the divided trays! Another one, I have used to keep my every day jewellery making things in it as they are very strong and there are compartments. It keeps everything handy and this way I can keep my tray free for lunch or supper!

Now onto another matter! Last night Alvaro picked me up at my back door and we went to the Poetry Center workshop. I have missed those folk as we have plenty of good laughs and they critique very nicely and very kindly. I think it is because many of them are used to doing that as they have their university students work to judge.

Liz was there and she told me why Whitehern was not open the night we all went as a group. It seems they gave it up as nobody showed up on the Wednesdays before that, and they just forgot to put a sign out to cancel the event.

At least we now know why...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night and took my poem "My child". Tony remembered it from before. I had forgotten that I had taken it. In any event, they gave me some good suggestions and when the party is over, I shall work on their suggestions. Speaking of poetry, the husband of the lady who did the self expression portrait of herself in Dundas, asked via the organizer if he could keep the framed copy once the artwalk show was finished. It seems that he was very touched with it. Naturally, I said yes. I am glad that he liked it.

What a nice evening I had at the Westdale Library with the group and how sweet Alvaro was to offer to pick me up and bring me home from the group each time. Since I had that scare near home, I won't go out at night by myself.

Now onto another matter. My friend Nor and I have been communicating via Facebook. she is in Japan right now giving a talk on cancer. Of course, we communicate via e-mail most of the time as she lives in Malaysia. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the paper when I was Staff Reporter. Later on I interviewed two of her Malaysian colleagues as well - both lady doctors and very sweet and kind. They were at Sick Kids in Toronto at the time and had come as "fellows". Nor and I have been in contact ever since and have a very nice relationship.

I miss interviewing interesting people sometimes. I have interviewed politicians, professors, doctors and other fascinating people who are doing something in this world.

I don't miss the stress of deadlines though!

Had better sign off now and get on with the baking.....

Have a great day to all those faithful people who read my blog!

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