Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Mother's Day tea at St. John's Lutheran Church

Each year, the ladies group puts on a lovely day which is open to the public.  There are fantastic plants for sale as well as yummy German baking and lunch is $5.00 which consists of a German sausage, sauer kraut and a bun.  I bought a small Christmas cactus as I have been on the lookout for one for many years as mine died of old age.  I don't know what colour the flowers will be but it will be lovely to see when it opens around Christmas time.  I also have at home a shamrock plant which I bought from Josie on the basement floor of the Farmer's Market.  It has flowered with the cutest little white flowers and both the shamrocks and the flowers fold up and go to sleep at night.  It is so fascinating to watch.  Now back to the tea.  This year due to spinal fractures, I was unable to help with pouring coffee.  I have done that job for 14 years but I guess all good things come to an end.

This year it was not quite as crowded, perhaps because it was cold outside. I needed my semi-winter coat on and Jennifer picked me up and brought me home, but it still was chilly.

The ladies group helps many charities, including LAMP which services the far north where the only way to get in is by plane.

The money they raise goes for these charities, including local ones here such as the Youth  Shelter (Living Rock).  Off hand I cannot remember which specific ones our group assists.  One of the most wonderful things to happen was that the owner of Giant Tiger (a retail shop) here in Hamilton came and donated four lovely pies to sell at the cake table.  He saw that the proceeds go to local charities and he wanted to help.  Wasn't that wonderful?

There sure are a lot of good people out there! 

My little group of friends came - Jennifer, Ruby, her friend Bev, Joanne and Anita.  We all sat at the same table and Rosie joined us for her lunch break.  She has taken over the job of pouring coffee I think. 

We stayed till about 1:30 and Jennifer drove me home.  I felt somewhat tired and slept till 4:30 which was good for me.  All in all, a wonderful time spent at a great place with good people and lovely food!

Now, as I write this the next day, I am invited to my son's place for a BBQ and he will pick me up.
I am so spoiled but I love every moment of it.

Thanks for dropping by.

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