Wednesday, May 16, 2018

LW group - Mother/Daughter event May 15,2018

The weather improved significally in time to get to the Mother/Daughter event at St. John's. I am finding it a rather long walk now unfortunately.  However, since I was asked to open in prayer, I managed to get there.

On the walk there (about a half hour for me) I was stopped by a lady in a scooter asking for money as she had no money to buy food and she was diabetic.  I took a chance and gave her enough money to buy some solid food.  I had to hurry along though as I still had quite some ways to go before reaching St. John's. 

The Church hall was set up beautifully, with tables with bud vases and tulips, china cups and saucers and gleaming silverware.

Shortly after 7 p.m. we began. A warm welcome was extended to everybody who were able to attend as well as to our guest speaker Sister Elaine Arsenault of Good Shepherd.  She is the Sister of Social Service there.

I had been asked to open in prayer which I am honoured to do.

Some lovely poetry was read, some hymns were sung and then the guest speaker gave us an inspirational talk.  She had a valid point, in my view, that most of us listen but only so we can reply back.  She was right and it does give us, as people, something to think about.

She mentioned that most people only want to be heard and do not necessarily want to be given suggestions on what they should do as they already know what they want to do.

An interesting thought  indeed,

After her talk, another poem was read and a hymn. 

Our hostest with the mostest ladies had prepared a marvellous spread for us to enjoy.

Those ladies are amazing, month after month, they prepare beautiful tortes and sandwiches for our group.

In my opinion, it is an excellent group to belong to and I consider myself very fortunate to belong there.

Thanks for dropping  by.

Here are a few snapshots of last night.

Sister Elaine  of Good Shepherd - the guest speaker

Our president Waltraut espressing our thanks for her very stimulating talk

The hostess ladies preparing the table 

A snap shot at the end of the evening.

Have a great day!

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