Monday, December 2, 2013

A fantastic weekend!

A friend of mine, Rosie, was going up to Kitchener on Friday and was planning to return on Saturday afternoon.

I changed my plans to go on the Saturday and we went together.  This enabled me to spend Friday with the "kids" and bring their Christmas presents up to them.  I also was able to attend their building's Christmas party.  They have been most fortunate to find this wonderful building.  I don't believe in chances.  This was the hand of God how they found their place.

They had to move from another area of town where they had lived for many, many years as their landlady wanted to bring her mother in and thus needed their apartment as it was on the ground floor.

As it happens, they were at the Dairy Queen talking about needing to find another place to live and a lady they did not know and had never seen before, told them about this wonderful place.

I went on the internet and found it and talked to the manager there and we arranged for them to come and view an apartment.

We all are so thankful to the lady who spoke up and gave the name of the place.

It has been a far better place for them than the old place and much more accessible for both of them. What a blessing in disguise it was when they had to leave.

I think they have been there for four years now and are happy.

The building Christmas party was marvellous!  I have never seen so much food prepared by the manager and her daughters!  It all was delicious and the mood was festive.  There are many nice people in that building.  They made me feel very welcome.

The next day, Billy and I went to the Presbyterian Church bazaar down town. It was so crowded that we couldn't get near the tables to see what there was!  People just kept pouring in and pouring in.

Anna was to meet us down there but we missed each other.  We reconnected on the bus going back to their place which was good.

Rosie came to get me and had a short visit with Anna and Bill and we got back to Hamilton about 4:30. It was a lovely time in Kitchener.

Sunday I had all the washing to do as weekend is the most economical time for electricity and then Jennifer and I went to St. John's Advent Service which is a 41 year tradition.  It was heavenly.  A trumpet player, recorders, poetry, choir and a duet by a husband and wife team in their own language.

This year they had the words on the wall in big print for singing.  We all sang in German and in English and it was wonderful!  After this beautiful service, everybody was invited downstairs to the church hall for refreshments.

Plates of sandwiches, pizza and all kinds of fancy cakes were on offer.  This year, I invited my friend Jennifer to come with me and she seemed to enjoy it very much.  It would be a different experience for her as part of it was in German.

All in all, a fantastic weekend.  Today, I am continuing to decorate for Christmas and wash and put away my regular things for now.  It takes time, but it is a nice change.

Thanks for dropping by.

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