Thursday, November 28, 2013

Life can be so sad sometimes

Good day,

I just talked to the son of another friend of mine whom I could not reach for several weeks.Her phone had been disconnected.

It turns out that his Mom is in emergency care waiting for a spot at the Baycrest Hospital residence. She has Alzheimers.  I did notice a marked deterioration in her manner of speaking in the last few months but thought it might just be due to older age.  I don't know her age but I think she may be only in her 80's.  My other friend is 96 and she is now in a Retirement Residence.

At least I know where she is now.

I have had tests at Baycrest many years ago and have found the staff there very nice. It is a good Jewish hospital, very clean and seems to be well run just from my observances at that time. That was at least 20 years ago since I was there but I would imagine that it is still a well run place.

While I was there, I saw something that stuck with me all these years and I wrote a poem about this experience which you will find below.

The Cry

“Mama, Mama, where are you?”
 voice of desperation  
reaches me, brings tears.

Startled, I glance up
distracted from my task
eyes focus on old man
restrained in wheelchair.

Body diminished by disease
stuck in the grip of dementia
calling out for Mama

Little boy in old man’s body
longing for a long ago time
where he was loved and cherished
by his Mama, long deceased..

It  won’t be long and he shall go
to meet his Mama once again  
whose love will enfold him
as it did, upon this earth.

Copyright©WilmaSeville 2013

I still feel the pain in his voice as my memory takes me back to this old man looking for his Mom. I wanted just to hold this man so he would not feel so adrift and lost.  It still brings tears to my eyes when I replay this scene in my mind's eyes.

 Women have been given such an important role in life, that of nurturer and sustainer.  It does not matter if they give birth to a child or if they see a need in another human being and take on the role of "mother".  I have a friend in Toronto who never had children.  She nurtured other people's children and filled an empty spot in these children's lives.

I have seen that quality mostly in women but there are also some wonderful men who become "Big Brothers" to a boy without a father, or mentor younger men in the business world, or on a sports team.
Kudos to them!

Each of us have been given unique talents which we can chose to use or like parable about the servants in the Bible who were given a certain amount of money, two used it well according to what they were given and were suitably rewarded., while another it in the ground and did nothing, and thus lost his golden opportunity.

What talents are you, yourself, using to make this hurting world a little better?

If you are using your talents, congratulations, if not, why not?  It is never too late to start again and use what we have been given.

On that note, have a wonderful day and keep warm on this chilly day!

Thanks for dropping by.

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