Thursday, November 21, 2013

Visit from Peter and LeeAnne

They arrived here in Hamilton at approximately 10:30 after leaving at 7 a.m.  They live around Wiarton which is their nearest town.

We had a short visit at home and then I took them to the club.  I had never met LeeAnne before but we were "friends" on Facebook because of Peter originally.

I took them to the club for lunch and we had a lovely time.  After that, we did a tour of the art work as Peter is an artist.

Also LeeAnne is learning how to become an Art Therapist so I think it was of interest for her too.

I am really glad that LeeAnne and I have finally met.  I liked her very much and think they seem happy together.  They met each other 25 years ago and then renewed the friendship over the internet I think a couple of years ago.  They are now together.

They had to leave by 1:30 so we could only do a short tour of the art work.

LeeAnne had her course to do in Toronto.

LeeAnne and Peter Nov. 21,2013

Peter at my place

LeeAnne and Peter

The three of us in the Club's dining room


the famous Club butter tart!

A short but lovely visit.  I had not seen my nephew for about 15 years.

Thanks for dropping by.

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