Thursday, December 26, 2013


What a beautiful day it was, with the snow falling gently from the sky, resting lightly on the tree branches, covering the waiting earth in a blanket of white. It all looks beautiful especially when it is freshly fallen.

I took the 2:01 Aberdeen bus to get there and had baked angel cookies.  I wrapped two of them up in waxed paper to give to the bus driver as he was working on Christmas day. I brought some more to Christmas dinner as well.  There still remains a few for my company coming on Friday.

Angel cookies are a very old recipe which was from my mother and I have cherished it all these years.  I remember going to her recipe box and copying out my favourite recipes as a young woman and have used them since that time. I am most grateful that I did that as they would have been lost and they are great and practical recipes. I have shared several with my dear sister-in-law and daughter and they have become treasured recipes for them as well.

Our host, Ken, served crackers and cheese, pida bread (not home made) and two different types of bought hummas.  While we nibbled away at these delectable treats, we had a lovely chat.  He is a very nice host.

Thanh arrived around 4 p.m. and the two fellows reminisced about Redeemer College-University and people that they know. They also talked about business as both of them are businessmen with their own businesses.  It is good that they reconnected after so many years.

Jody's wonderful Christmas tree

 Once dusk started, Ken switched on the lights for the tree and it looked so wonderful!  Jody has a way with decorations - she is very artistic in things like that.

We all had a nice time just chatting away, most of the talking was done by the two young men which was fine by me.

My son Ken (left) and Thanh (right)

Ken made a special kind of chicken which I have heard of but never tasted.  It was amazing to watch him how he prepared it and to taste the results.  I think it was called beer can chicken but instead of alcohol, he used a tin of chicken broth which made it extremely moist.

Ken and I
Thanh took these shots
Thanh's meal - ham and chicken
The chicken sitting on top of a tin of chicken brother which makes it moist as it cooks.


Ken used a marinade sauce, spread it all over the chicken, put the opened  tin of chicken broth in the cavity of the bird and stuffed the opening in the top of the bird with onions.  He then cooked it for an hour and a half I think.

I was concerned about the tin part of it but there was no danger whatsoever  from what he had learned.

It was quite an interesting experiment and the taste was wonderful.  Ken had some desert as well and of course, there were my angel cookies.

Thanh drove me home for which I was most grateful as the bus only runs every hour on holidays and it is now cold weather in Canada.

Thanks for dropping by.  Company coming on Friday for desert and coffee so had better get baking again!

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