Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow, snow, go away.....

Alas, there was a winter storm warning since last night and when I awoke this morning, the ground was covered in white.

It was our Tower Poetry Society Christmas party this afternoon and I fully intended to go.  I baked a cake for the pot luck and due to the snow, I decided to take a taxi.  I hung onto the taxi line for what seemed like ages, but when I finally got through, there was at the very least, a half an hour wait before a taxi could come.

At that point, I decided it was too risky to go out as I might not get a taxi home from the party as the snow was still coming down very heavily.

I called our hostess and explained what was happening and she had had so many cancellations.  One couple only had turned up from Stoney Creek.  They sure are brave!

Alas, all dressed up and nowhere to go!  Ah well, winter is like that.

Tonight Thanh has arranged for the gentleman, whose cat I look after when he goes away on business, to walk with  me over to the  gala event.  We are lucky that it is not too far and most of it will be indoors. Formally dressed and wading in high snow is not too easy, to say the least.

I am very grateful for that and appreciate Thanh's thoughtfulness.

I sure hope this winter storm will not keep people away but it continues to be really bad out there as of 3:26 p.m.

It is our building's party tomorrow afternoon so I don't need to go out at all tomorrow.

Thanks for reading this little blurb, keep safe in the whirling snow and if you are driving, drive very slowly!

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