Saturday, December 14, 2013

A fantastic party last night

Hanna and Gerhard graciously opened their home to our ladies group.  There were ten or eleven of us who enjoyed their hospitality.

Gerhard went out with one of the other husbands so it was just the ladies.

I took a shot of Hanna's lovely set table and a few of her decorations for Christmas.

We all get along so well, it was a real pleasure to be there.

Hanna's Christmas table

I have always loved this 

Their window display

The advent krantz

We all chipped in to order Chinese food and it was lovely and more than enough for all of us.  Hanna made some wonderful desserts and served coffee and two types of tea.

I took the bus up there but was fortunate enough to be offered a ride home by two people.  I was grateful as it was becoming slippery outside by the time I walked to her place from the bus stop.

We all agreed that going to Hanna's place was much nicer than going to a restaurant for a meal and I think that this may become a tradition for our group.

Thanks for dropping by.

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