Saturday, December 21, 2013

A guest for lunch on Sunday

In spite of the freezing rain warnings, my guest Rosie is still planning to come for lunch tomorrow after church.

She sure is one brave lady!

I don't think I will venture out once the freezing rain comes.  It hasn't started yet but is due late this afternoon and will continue into Sunday.

I hope to go to St. Paul's candlelight service on Sunday night with Mohammed and Thanh but we will wait and see what the freezing rain does to the side walks.  I can walk there.

December sure is turning out to be a real winter month!

I heard that the grocery stores are packed due to the storm warnings.  I am glad I prepared beforehand as there was plenty of warning.

I remember the time in Montreal when the snow was higher than my window (basement apartment) and I couldn't get out to go home for Christmas.  It was a very sad Christmas that year, just George and I and the baby Anna.  We had not prepared for eating at home on Christmas day and thus, although we had some food at home, it definitely was not something special.

This life lesson taught me to always have extra food in for the winter months just in case one could not get out.  I still carry that memory and that lesson learned and am glad to say that I am 99% prepared for such a situation should it ever occur again.

Right now I am making homemade bread and some cookies for my guest.  The main course is already done.

I hope she enjoys it.

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