Monday, May 14, 2012

Sorry I have not kept up the blog as I should have

A friend of mine mentioned that he had noticed that I had not been keeping up my blog.  I think he meant this blog, my personal one. I will attempt to remedy this right now.

The reason I had not kept it up was simple!  I was too busy doing things outside of the home and when I was home, I was editing a book for an author.

My busyness included going to a wonderful concert held at St.John's which featured The Tempus Choral Society with Brian Turnbull as the Conductor.  Our own Jane Wamsley was the Accompanist.

This group was delightful. The Tempus Choral Society has been in operation since 1971 and was known at that time as the Tempus Youth Choir.  Upon the urging of adult graduates of the youth choir, the conductor Brian Turnbull re-formed Tempus as an adult choir.

It has an open membership (no auditions - all welcome who love to sing) and its members are from Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga. The choir give two major concerts each year, at Christmas and in the Spring.  They have performed in New Orleans, Boston,Charleston and this summer will be going to Cinncinati.   They have won trophies and certificate for their work both in Canada and in the United States. Their music is diverse.   They sing a mixture of broadway, film, gospel, blues, folk, traditional, jazz and fun.

As part of this wonderful performance,  "Four over Forty" performed as did " Entre Temp".  ''Four over Forty'' are 4 gentlemen who are long-time members of the Tempus Choir.  They sing 4 part voice harmony and perform at smaller functions, benefits, coffee houses both in Hamilton and Oakville.  They also have recorded two CD's.

''Entre Temp" is a smaller ensemble based in Hamilton.  It has twenty members and they must audition to become part of this group.  They have sung at the Germania Club and at benefit concerts in Hamilton for the "Out of the Cold" programme.  They sing chamber music, jazz, swing, madrigal and blues.

This wonderful afternoon cost only $15.00 and was well attended.  A wonderful way to welcome the Spring!

Thanks for dropping by.

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