Friday, May 18, 2012

The first year anniversary of Urbanicity

The Snack Table at Acclamation Bar - James St. North.

Jugs of water I presume plus plates for the snacks

First year celebration!
I was so glad that Martinus invited me.  It was at the Acclamation Bar on James N. That seems to be a very nice place to have a meal at some point in time.  The snacks they served were delicious.

I particularly liked the pizza.  I arrived early - just a little after 5 p.m. but there were quite a few people there already which was good.

I took some pictures of the 13 issues, some were displayed on the table and some were in other parts of the room.

Here is a shot of URBANICITY.


Martinus Geleynse - Editor & Publisher

I also took some shots of the nice refreshments that Acclamation Bar provided.  They are above.

It was a lovely evening for such a fine occasion.  My congratulations to Martinus on a job well done.

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