Thursday, May 17, 2012

A nice time with Bernadette and Alvaro

We met at the club for drinks and then went out to the Black Forest Inn.  I took Alvaro on
a little tour of the downstairs area of the club and then we went up to see my favourite room but there was a meeting on so we did not go any further up the stairs.

Bernadette already had a tour when she came for lunch a few months ago.  Only Dave and Diane were there of the usual group, then Judy came and Martinus so we had some nice conversation.

I really enjoyed our time there and then we went in Bernadette's car to the Black Forest and had a lovely time there.  As usual, the food was great!

They certainly do a good business, very large portions and really delicious!  I took pictures but I forgot to ask them if they would like to be on a blog, so I will only post the one of me and a picture of a cute little table ornament.

Bernadette drove me home first and then dropped off Alvaro.  All in all, a lovely evening.

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