Monday, May 14, 2012

A lovely Mother's Day!

Rosel at a British pub near the water

Me, at the British Pub
I went to St. Paul's  and Dorothee gave me flowers which was extremely kind of her.  She is a student and she really shouldn't have done that.  However, I must say that they look so lovely on my kitchen table and I think of her generosity each time I see them.

My friend Rosel called shortly after I got home and suggested we to either to Bronte or Port Dover.

I have been to Port Dover several times and had been only once or twice to Bronte so chose Bronte. It is part of |Oakville now and it was a good choice.  I took pictures but do not know how to download on this new computer.  My son will come tonight to help me.

We went for dinner at a British Pub and thoroughly enjoyed that as well.

Some of the many boats moored there

A new monument to the fisherman

At Bronte -  part of Oakville, Ontario

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