Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another fantastic day - joyful as well as fun

Could yesterday have been any better?  I think not!  I decided to pop into the club for lunch and had a delicious bowl of potato and leek soup and a lovely sandwich.  The soup comes with home made bread and even with a small bowl, it filled me up to the brim.  I also had their delicious coffee.  The end result was that I brought the sandwich home and had it for supper!  After that I went upstairs to my favourite room where I have a fabulous view of James South.  I had paper and pen with me and took notes for a possible new poem.  I was all alone in this wonderful room except for a young man who was at the large table working on a project of some sort.  We just exchanged greetings and then quiet was the norm.  It was most enjoyable and I got lots of images in my head and on paper for a new poem.

I noticed that Christine, our wonderful head of the serving staff, brought him up some food.  I think next time I invite a guest for tea and the business lounge is free, I will use this room as it is so nice and airy.  I love the fireplace, the view and the ambience of the room.

I must have been at least two or three hours just enjoying the club when I decided that it was time to go home and get ready for the fabulous Mother and Daughter event at St.John's.  I walked there which I normally don't but it was light out still.  As I walked along, one tall, rather scruffy looking man, asked me for money and I said no, and then a little further on, a young native gal approached me and asked me for change.  When I said that I didn't have any change with me, she asked if she could have a hug instead.  She got that and it seemed to make her happy.  I don't carry money with me normally.  This young lady must be very lonely if she wanted a hug from a perfect stranger.  In Hamilton, it is against the law to beg.I checked it out with the police soon after I arrived here.  I give to organized charities who help the homeless.

A table set, ready for guests

The candles were a gift for the guests - it signified that we are the light of the world.

In any event, our evening went well.  The church hall was packed to the brim, and more chairs and cups and saucers needed to be brought in.  Other ladies from Grace and Transfiguration as well as Wellingstone Christian Homes came which swelled the numbers significantly.  It was great to see them all there.  It was a very harmonious evening. The guest speaker was Evelyn Myrie, who is a well known personality in Hamilton.

Evelyn  Myrie - guest speaker

Her topic was well done and she had her audience laughing at some points in her talk.  I really enjoyed what she said.  I will write up the evening for the Eastern Synod Newspaper and see if they have space as it involved several Hamilton churches.

In my opinion, one of the highlights of the evening was when Thandi  and her friends sang to us in two parts of the programme.  The ladies were all dressed in their very pretty attires from Zimbabwye and they sang like birds.  Very beauty indeed.  What a treat to listen to them.

Thandi and friends - all accomplished singers

As usual, I opened the meeting with prayer and we had some lovely poems read by other women.  We raised money amongst ourselves to help a women's shelter here in Hamilton.  It was over $300.  That will be a good help indeed.

We closed with a sung benediction which was beautiful.  I took pictures of the event including the beautiful table settings.  So feminine and so elegant!

Needless to say, the ladies who bake at St. John's outdid themselves once again.  They are specialists in making tortes and other delicious cakes!

I walked home and was lucky enough to catch the Number 2 which took me almost to my front door.

All in all, a fantastic and lovely day.