Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a frustrating day it was today!

I have finished the editing of the book and wanted to run it off to categorize it as requested plus double check it all.

It would not run off, no matter what I did.  I called the printer people and they proved to me that my Brother printer was working just fine, then I tried to save it on the desktop but that did not work out for some reason.

On and on this saga went.  In desperation, I "skyped" my son and after a very long time (it seemed liked several hours) he finally solved the problem.  I am sure his hair turned grey.  Mine went even more grey!

I am so grateful to him.  My deadline is coming up and I still have hours of work to do before I am satisfied.

Anyway, thanks to my son, I was able to print it off and now can start the other part of the work.

I enjoyed the editing part very much but the stress of  printing it off set off a bout of the psoriasis immediately.  I could not believe that could be possible, but I saw it happen when the printer people told me that it was not the printer.Somehow that communicated into a problem with my poor hand.

I now believe that stress has a lot to do with this disorder.  I did not believe it before.

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